30 Day Foreplay Challenge


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The 30 Day Foreplay Challenge: Rediscover the Joy of Foreplay

Do you dare to take on the ultimate challenge of 29 days of pure foreplay? With the 30 Day Foreplay Challenge from Secret Play, you’ll embark on a journey of rediscovering the joys and pleasures of foreplay like never before.

  • Day 1: Start with a sensual massage to set the mood.
  • Day 5: Experiment with different types of kisses.
  • Day 10: Use a blindfold to heighten your senses.
  • Day 15: Play a game of strip poker to spice things up.
  • Day 20: Try a new sex position to explore each other’s bodies.
  • Day 25: Use sex toys to enhance the experience.
  • Day 30: The final prize – experience the ultimate pleasure of foreplay.

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