The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Your First Sex Toy

Welcome to the exciting world of sexual pleasure and exploration! Whether you’re new to the realm of adult toys or looking to expand your collection, choosing your first sex toy is an important decision. It can be a bit overwhelming with the plethora of options available, but fear not – we’re here to guide you through the process.

Understanding Your Desires

Before diving into the world of sex toys, it’s essential to understand your desires and what you hope to achieve with your new addition. Are you looking for solo pleasure, spicing up your relationship, or exploring specific fantasies? Knowing your goals will help narrow down your choices.

Types of Sex Toys

Let’s explore some of the most popular types of sex toys and what they have to offer:


Vibrators are versatile and perfect for beginners. They provide stimulating vibrations for clitoral or internal pleasure. You’ll find various shapes, sizes, and functions, so there’s something for everyone.


Dildos come in a wide range of options – realistic or non-realistic, textured or smooth, curved or straight. They offer penetration and can be used for solo or couples play. Consider your comfort level and desired size when choosing one.

Anal Toys

If you’re curious about anal play, there are dedicated anal toys designed for safe exploration. These include butt plugs and anal beads, which gradually increase in size for a comfortable experience.


Male masturbators are designed to enhance solo pleasure for men. They often come in discreet, handheld designs and may include textured interiors for added sensations.

Couples Toys

If you’re looking to enhance intimacy with a partner, consider couple’s toys. These can include couple’s vibrators, which provide both clitoral and internal stimulation, or remote-controlled options for playful surprises.

Materials Matter

Choosing the Right Material

The material of your sex toy is a crucial factor. It not only affects how it feels but also how easy it is to clean and maintain. Here are some common materials used in sex toys:

  • Silicone: Silicone is a popular choice for its smooth texture and body-safe properties. It’s non-porous, which means it’s easy to clean and sterilize. Silicone toys are often hypoallergenic, making them suitable for most people.
  • ABS Plastic: ABS plastic is another body-safe option. It’s hard, non-porous, and easy to clean. Many classic vibrators are made from ABS plastic. It’s an excellent choice for those who prefer firmer sensations.
  • Glass: Glass sex toys are known for their beauty and smoothness. They can be heated or cooled for temperature play, adding a new dimension to your pleasure. Glass is non-porous and easy to clean.
  • Metal: Stainless steel and aluminum are used to make metal sex toys. They are heavy, which can provide a unique sensation. Metal toys are non-porous and compatible with all types of lubricants.
  • TPE/TPR: These materials are often used in realistic dildos and strokers. They are softer and more flexible than silicone, but they require extra care in cleaning and maintenance.
  • Jelly/Rubber: While these materials are soft and can be affordable, they are porous and can potentially harbor bacteria. It’s crucial to use a condom on jelly or rubber toys and replace them regularly.
  • CyberSkin: CyberSkin mimics the feel of real skin and is often used in realistic masturbators. It’s soft and yielding but requires specific cleaning and maintenance to keep it in good condition.
  • Wood: Some artisans craft sex toys from body-safe wood. These toys are often beautiful works of art and can be a unique addition to your collection.

Remember that body-safe materials like silicone, ABS plastic, glass, and metal are generally the best choices for most people. Always check the product description and packaging to ensure a material is body-safe.

Exploring Vibrations

If you’re considering a vibrator, you’ll encounter various options when it comes to vibration patterns and intensities. Some vibrators offer a single steady speed, while others provide a wide range of options, from gentle pulsations to powerful, rumbly vibrations.

Consider what type of sensations you enjoy or want to explore. If you’re unsure, a vibrator with multiple settings allows you to experiment and find what works best for you. Many modern vibrators come with intuitive controls that make it easy to adjust the speed and patterns to your liking.

Size and Shape Matter

The size and shape of a sex toy can significantly impact your experience. For penetrative toys like dildos, consider both length and girth. If it’s your first toy, you might want to start with something smaller and gradually work your way up to larger sizes.

For clitoral or external stimulation, the shape of the toy can make a difference. Some toys have pinpoint tips for precise stimulation, while others offer broader surfaces for a more general massage. Think about what type of touch you find most pleasurable.

Additional Features and Functions

Modern sex toys often come with a range of features and functions. These can include:

  • Rechargeable Batteries: Many vibrators now come with rechargeable batteries, eliminating the need for constant battery replacements. This not only saves you money but is also more environmentally friendly.
  • App Connectivity: Some high-tech sex toys can be controlled via smartphone apps. This feature can be a game-changer for long-distance couples or those interested in tech-enhanced play.
  • Waterproof: If you enjoy steamy shower sessions or want an easy-to-clean toy, look for waterproof options. Just make sure to check the toy’s specific waterproof rating to ensure it can handle full submersion.
  • Remote Control: Remote-controlled toys add an element of surprise and anticipation, whether you’re using them with a partner or solo.
  • Heating Function: Some toys offer a heating function that warms them to body temperature for a more lifelike feel.
  • Texture: Textured surfaces or ridges on a toy can enhance stimulation and pleasure. Consider whether you prefer a smooth or textured surface.
  • Anal-Safe: If you’re interested in anal play, ensure that the toy you choose is designed for safe anal use. It should have a flared base or retrieval loop to prevent it from getting lost.
  • Discreet Design: If privacy is a concern, look for toys with a discreet design that doesn’t resemble traditional sex toys. They can easily pass as everyday objects.

Reading Reviews and Gathering Information

Before making a final decision, it’s beneficial to read product reviews and gather as much information as possible. Online reviews from other customers can provide insights into a product’s performance, durability, and overall satisfaction. Pay attention to reviews from people who have similar preferences or experiences as you.

Additionally, explore the manufacturer’s website and product descriptions for detailed information about the toy’s features, materials, and functions. Look for any special care or maintenance instructions, as proper cleaning and storage can prolong the life of your sex toy.

Setting a Budget

Sex toys come in a wide price range, from affordable options to luxury products. Setting a budget can help narrow down your choices and ensure you find a toy that meets your expectations without breaking the bank. Keep in mind that higher-priced toys often come with advanced features, better materials, and longer warranties.

While it’s tempting to go for the cheapest option, investing in a quality sex toy can provide a more satisfying and safer experience. Quality materials and craftsmanship are essential for your health and pleasure.

Making Your Purchase

Once you’ve thoroughly researched and selected the perfect sex toy for your needs, it’s time to make your purchase. As mentioned earlier, buying from a reputable retailer like Love or Lust ensures a discreet and secure shopping experience. Be sure to check for any available discounts, promotions, or bundle deals to get the most value for your money.

Discreet Packaging and Delivery

At Love or Lust, we understand the importance of discretion when it comes to your intimate purchases. That’s why we offer discreet packaging and shipping. Your order will arrive in plain, unmarked packaging, ensuring your privacy every step of the way. Our goal is to make your shopping experience as seamless and worry-free as possible.


Choosing your first sex toy is an exciting journey into the world of pleasure and self-discovery. By considering factors such as type, material, size, additional features, and budget, you can find the perfect toy to enhance your intimate experiences.

Remember that your preferences and desires may evolve over time, so don’t be afraid to explore and experiment with different toys and sensations. Your sexual well-being and satisfaction are essential, and incorporating sex toys into your life can be a fulfilling and empowering choice.

Whether you’re seeking solo pleasure, spicing up your relationship, or embarking on new adventures in the bedroom, Love or Lust is here to support you on your intimate journey. Explore our diverse selection of classic vibrators and other exciting toys, and take the first step toward a more satisfying and pleasurable life.

Now that you have the knowledge and confidence to choose your first sex toy, it’s time to start your exploration. Your pleasure awaits, and the possibilities are endless. Enjoy the journey, and may it be filled with joy, satisfaction, and unforgettable moments of ecstasy.


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